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Tips To Pitch Your Listings and Buyer Services Based On Having An Attorney On Your Team

We know you have a choice between ordinary title companies and attorneys to refer your closing work. You probably already know several important advantages to you and your clients in choosing attorneys, but have you thought about how those advantages can help you pitch your clients in the beginning and save you more time and money? Why not make your choice of attorney part of your pitch to earn business? That which helps your client helps you.

Here’s what’s in it for your clients who have an attorney on their team:

“PEACE OF MIND”. Home purchases are huge, stressful transactions for most people. Just knowing that an attorney is there to answer questions and solve problems is like having an extra “insurance policy” for free.

SAVE TIME ON THESE VERY COMMON ISSUES/PROBLEMS. Ever have a deal that falls apart while waiting for a legal answer on any of these very common matters: (1) divorce issues, (2) probate questions, (3) lien and title problems, (4) addendum language, (5) powers of attorney, (6) corporate and other entity issues, (7) foreign buyers/sellers, (8) listing agreement interpretation, (9) responding to other lawyers, (10) revocable and irrevocable trust issues? Ever try to find an attorney on a weekend or after 5pm?

ANOTHER PAIR OF EYES/FEWER ERRORS. Attorneys are trained to know all the documents. Most lawyers review work done by already-competent paralegals or processors/closers. More eyes means fewer errors.

A GREAT DRAFTSMAN WHEN NEEDED. Attorneys are trained to write legal documents. It’s very common to have to draft special contract language or addendums as things change. Everyone is better off if an attorney drafts the language, especially on complicated or important (expensive) matters.

A CREDIBLE AND FORCEFUL ADVOCATE IN CASE OF TROUBLE. Sometimes, things go wrong and conflicts arise. It’s nice to know someone’s got your back right away.

MORE INSURANCE, OVERSIGHT, TRAINING AND ACCOUNTABILITY. Attorneys have very extensive training, special E&O insurance and careful regulation by the Bar. They are usually very responsive if you need action.